our mission

engineering excellence and trust
Our mission is to provide exceptional quality and service to our clients in the mining, transport and construction industries. We achieve this by working in trusting partnerships with our employees, clients and suppliers to increase employee skill levels, improve safety and efficiency, foster innovation and reduce costs.

our people

The company currently employs 30 employees of various skill levels across our industries. We believe in building partnerships with our people and our clients in order to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, the highest quality and best value.

The company has a good safety/injury track record and has an active Safety Committee in place to assist with the implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety program. The company encourages and supports its employees to upgrade their skills through internal and external training. In addition Elphinstone Enterprises employs adult and junior apprentices in all areas of the business.

about us

  • Our Vision:To have the safest workplace with the highest quality people that produce the best value for our
  • Quality: Everything we make, and everything we do, must be as good as it can be. Quality means that our products are not just well-made but consistently well-made. Superior quality leads to customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Service: We have a commitment to our customers. We care about them, listen to them and work to anticipate their needs and solve their problems. Customer satisfaction is a priority for everyone in our business.
  • Innovation: We are problem solvers. Through innovation, we will find better ways to manufacture and deliver products, serve customers, and support the industries in which we operate.
  • Integrity: This underlies all we do. We believe it is vital that the people who deal with us trust us, whether they are customers, suppliers, co-workers or our neighbors in the community in which we operate.
  • Safety: Safety is the most important part of any job we do — in our workshops and on construction sites around ships and where we deliver materials, even in our offices. At Elphinstone, no job is so urgent that it cannot be done safely


  • I have been in the fencing industry for 10 years now and coming from a sales and service background I have a good understanding of what is required to make the job flow. I have been dealing with Elphinstone Enterprises’s fencing division "Fencing Solutions" for the past 4 years as a supplier of manufactured fencing products, and utilizing the fabrication and powdercoating services they offer. By allowing Elphinstone Enterprises to act as a true "one stop shop" for the whole range of services, it has allowed our company to concentrate on what we do which is fence installation. Elphinstone Enterprises’s range of products is second to none and this allows us to offer many alternative styles and products to the customer, and have the confidence that the products will be in stock.

    Mr. Joe Maloney
    J&J Maloney
  • As National Equipment Manager for Toll Shipping I have been utilizing the services of Elphinstone Enterprises since the companies inception in 1987. The company began by providing shipping container repairs and ship maintenance services for Brambles Shipping. I have observed the steady growth of Elphinstone Enterprises and the range of associated services the company is able to provide. They have been involved in many major ship and shore based projects including ship stowage modifications and loading facilities at the Burnie Wharf. Today the company has become a true one stop shop with services such as steel sales through the independent Metaland outlet, general fabrication of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, abrasive blasting and industrial painting and shipping container repair and refurbishment.

    Mr. Graham Griffiths
    Toll Shipping